At Complexions,  we understand that effective massage goes way beyond the relaxing benefits of  a pampering-oriented visit to the spa. Yes, facials can help clients de-stress and relax, but the often overlooked benefit is what that de-stressing means for your heart. This February’s Pampering with a Purpose program is focused on helping you honor Heart Health Month, which is why we are featuring our PCA Oxygenating Facial Trio that also features a massage for added heart health benefits.

The Oxygenating Trio by PCA skin is a three-step treatment designed to promote a radiant, healthy glow by stimulating oxygenation and circulation within the skin in order to rejuvenate stressed, aging or acne affected skin. This antioxidant therapy is designed to draw oxygen to the skin’s surface for comprehensive detoxification, resulting in a radiant, healthy glow.

A variety of medical studies have linked chronic stress to heart disease. Makes sense then, that massage therapy has been used by ancient cultures for therapeutic healing for centuries. When performed correctly, massage facials can provide clients with a wealth of benefits for their health and skin. Specifically, facial massage:

  • Stimulates circulation
  • Detoxifies
  • Relaxes the nerves
  • Releases toxins trapped between the tissues and muscles
  • Oxygenates skin tissues
  • Hydrates by bringing nutrients to the surface layer of the skin
  • Increases lymphatic flow
  • Eases muscle tension