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Get Summer Ready in 10 With These Makeup Tips

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1. Go Natural!

Skip the heavy foundations. Try spot concealing any blemishes, discoloration, dark circles, etc. This way, you won’t have to worry about blotting away your makeup throughout the day. Just be sure to set your concealer with a little bit of setting powder for longer lasting makeup!

If you are not comfortable with just using a concealer on its own then try adding a BB Cream with an SPF.

2. Get Your Glow On!

Add a liquid illuminator to your moisturizer or BB Cream for that summer glow everyone is searching for! Try using a pressed highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes and on the brow bone to help make eyes appear bigger and brighter.

3. The Perfect Summer Lash

Start by using a Lash Primer. This will help condition the lashes and help the lashes grow! Then, top it off with your favorite waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara is great for a hot summer day, even if you don’t plan on taking a dip in the pool, your lashes will last a lot longer in the heat with a coat of waterproof mascara!

4. Hydrate Your Pout!

Save your Matte Lipsticks for the Fall! Pick up a hydrating tinted lip balm or lip stain. The sun can do a lot of damage to your lips so be sure to add a lip balm with an SPF for the summertime. If you are not willing to set aside your matte lipsticks then be sure to exfoliate your lips every night and add a hydrating lip mask or lip balm before you go to sleep.

5. Set, Hydrate & Go!

Finish off your glowy summer look with a Vitamin C Spray! This will not only set your makeup, but it will also add instant hydration to the face to help freshen up your look throughout the day. Carry it around in your purse for an instant midday pick me up!

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