You may find yourself asking, “What natural therapy can lower your blood pressure, relieve a headache, strengthen your immune system, reduce stress and help you sleep – and all in a one-hour session?” If you guessed massage, you’re right on target! Massage can do all of these things and provide many more physical as well as mental benefits.

The physical benefits of massage include pain relief, improved circulation, relief of inflammatory conditions and improved flexibility. It can even help improve your golf game! It also directly affects the lymphatic system which boosts immunity and the body’s natural ability to defend against illness and disease.

The main mental benefit of massage is that it relieves stress. During a massage cortisol is released. Cortisol is a hormone that is responsible for lowering the stress response in our body. Lower levels of stress and anxiety leads to overall improved emotional well-being.

At Complexions, we have created programs that will help you reap the physical and mental benefits of massage.