Create A Skincare Regimen

Keeping resolutions can be tough—we know from years of experience. So why not make a few that give you great results, guaranteed, and which have nothing to do with the gym? Making even just one of these resolutions for 2018 will help brighten your day, and your complexion.

Start a Skincare Regimen—and stick with it

Most skincare products won’t give you miraculous results after just one use. Sticking to a program for at least a few weeks, if not a month, is the only way you’re ever going to see results. During the dry winter months, add hydrating drops to your moisturizer to give your skin that extra boost of moisture it needs!

Wear Sunscreen Everyday

Sunscreen isn’t just for the summer! While you might feel the sun more on a hot summer day, your skin is still exposed to harmful sun-rays during the chilly winter, especially when it bounces off the snow. There’s no need to add an extra step into your daily morning routine—opt for a foundation with SPF in it.

Exfoliate Regularly

Want brighter, younger-looking skin? It starts with a great exfoliator! As your skin replenishes itself, dead skin cells start to build up on the top layer, leaving you looking dull. Exfoliating regularly removes this layer, revealing fresh, healthy skin. Regular exfoliation also allows your moisturizer and other topical products to penetrate more deeply, making them more effective.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

In our busy day-to-day lives it can seem impossible to carve out the time to wash our makeup brushes, but it’s crucial! Not only will dirty brushes give you a spotty application, but they can harbor bacteria, dirt and oil, leading to acne and breakouts—which nobody wants.

Pamper with a Purpose®

With so many different types of treatments out there, it’s hard to pinpoint what you should be getting done. Denise Dubois, owner of Complexions Spa and an accredited esthetician with more than 30 years of experience, recommends getting an I2PL Ellipse Skin Rejuvenation treatment twice a year. A universally beneficial treatment, the I2PL Ellipse Skin Rejuvenation treatment is the perfect solution for many common skin imperfections and will help you achieve younger, fresher and more evenly-toned skin.

Almost 90% of aging comes from extrinsic factors, which the I2PL Ellipse Skin Rejuvenation laser is designed to target. So what’s the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic aging? Intrinsic aging is genetic. This means that our bodies are designed to age a certain way, and there’s nothing we can do about it!