From Beauties to Beasts, and Old Witches to Clowns

halloween Makeup Application Complexions SpaThe days of basic (boring) cat makeup with whiskers and spots drawn on with eyeliner are officially a thing of the past! Now, your Halloween costume is simply not complete unless you get a little creative with your makeup application — something our talented makeup artists at Complexions know a thing or two about!

One of the most exciting parts about Halloween is having the opportunity to transform yourself into anything you can dream up. And at Complexions, we understand that makeup isn’t simply a finishing touch to your look or your costume—it can BE your whole look!

With the help of our lead makeup artist, Natalie Dekermendjian, we’ve created a Halloween “Look Book” to inspire you and help you get you into the Halloween spirit (because our obsession is already in full swing)!

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1. Beauty & the Beast

Your favorite Disney classic has come to life! Our version of Belle has a little extra dose of glamour, complete with a blinding highlight and gold, glittering eyeshadow. Who said Belle has to be basic?!

halloween Makeup Application Complexions Spa

2. Beauty & the Beast

This definitely isn’t beginner makeup! It took over three hours to complete the Beast’s look from head to toe, including applying a prosthetic face piece, hair, horns and wig. But if the end result isn’t the perfect couple’s costume, then we don’t know what is. See image above.

3. Old Witch

Can you believe she’s actually 23? Neither can we! Nothing shows the power of special effects makeup quite like this. Custom prosthetic face pieces transform the wearer instantaneously. If you’re looking to surprise everyone at your next Halloween party, then this is the costume for you!

Halloween Makeup Ideas Complexions Spa

4. Smiling Possession

If you’re looking for something a tad creepier this year then look no further—this bloody, smiling demon is guaranteed to give you and anyone you come in contact with nightmares for days. The best part about this look? The makeup speaks for itself! No need to go out and buy an elaborate, expensive costume. Wear all black or throw on some leather and you’re good to go!

Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Complexions Spa

5. Demonic Clown

This is definitely the creepiest, sleep-with-the-lights-on-for-the-next-week Halloween look we’ve seen! Between the current season of American Horror Story and the recent reboot of It, clowns are going to be all the rage this Halloween. Stand out from the crowd (literally) with a custom-painted special effects prosthetic mask. Remember to carry a balloon for maximum impact…

Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas Complexions Spa