Celebrate Healthy Weight Awareness Month

Healthy Weight Awareness

By telling us why YOU deserve to win free spa services from Complexions Spa, and free training sessions with Fitness Together!

Contest Rules:

  • FOR THREE WEEKS ONLY, we will be holding a contest that will allow our loyal Facebook followers to submit before and after photos, videos and testimonies to show their dedication to eating clean and training mean– all with the goal of proving  they deserve to win the package.
  • After the first two weeks, we will pick the top three as finalists.
  • Week three we will be designated to asking the audience to vote for the winner from those three finalists.
The Prizes:
  • The FIRST PLACE winner will receive 2 Spa Services from Complexions and 3 sessions with Fitness Together.
  • The prize for SECOND PLACE will be 1 spa service from Complexions and 1 free session with Fitness Together.
  • The THIRD PLACE winner will receive $25 gift certificate for Complexions and a free Yoga class.