Give your hair a winter renewal!

January is the perfect time to rejuvenate your scalp!

The exposure to dry and cold elements can leave your scalp flaky, itchy or just looking dull. A purifying treatment for all types of scalp irritations, including dandruff. Feel the instant cooling sensation of this treatment that gently cleanses and soothes. Reduces itching and irritation while providing the scalp with a feeling of freshness. $30Schedule Your Moisturizing Scalp Treatment

Pamper with a Purpose: Featured Spa Specials in January

Introducing Our Naturopathica Vitality Bar!

Explore the healing benefits of herbal tonics, elixirs and teas to improve and sustain vitality.The use of herbal tonics and elixirs dates back through many years of continuous use in China where herbs are used to adapt to stress, enhance energy and promote radiant health.

For the month of January, schedule a moisture drench facial or therapeutic massage and receive a complimentary vitality shot after your treatment!Reserve Now

Med Spa Feature – I2PL Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation with the Ellipse I2PL is the perfect solution for many common skin imperfections and one of our most exciting anti-aging services. I2PL Skin Rejuvenation Treatments help you keep a younger, fresher, evenly-toned skin. The safe, visible light emitted from the Ellipse flash-lamp makes your skin look younger by removing brown spots, diffuse redness, and by improving your skin texture. The I2PL Skin Rejuvenation treatment can treat a variety of common skin conditions including; chronic rosacea by reducing redness within the capillary walls, reducing sun damage (solar keratosis), and improving protein (collagen) synthesis. I2PL treatments give you the gradual, natural improvement with long lasting results. It can be used to treat the full face, neck, chest and even the hands.

Two treatments are recommended annually.  $275 | Reserve Now

Winter Pedicure Package ($189)


This dreamy trip to the dark side begins with a thick butter brulee whole milk soak. Next, you’ll be painted in a warm dark chocolate mask that’s loaded with nourishing vitamins and CoQ10 – a powerful antioxidant. Next, feet and legs are smoothed with a rich gingersnap-pecan brown sugar scrub infused with Kentucky whiskey. A final, Whoopie! Cream whipped Shea butter massage and you’ll come out of this black forest with a new leash on the day!

img_0038This cinammon-sweet, and butterscotch-caramel cocktail treatment includes a relaxing soak in Red Hot Sparkling oil made with grapeseed and olive fruit oils for an antioxidant treat that moisturizes and soothes winter feet. Next, a Butter Rum brown sugar scrub polishes rough skin leaving a smooth revitalized surface. Then, a hot honey glaze drizzle and wrap seals in aloe, honey and live papaya fruit cells to provide deep hydration. When rinsed, prepare to be dolloped– a warm citrus-vanilla whipped Shea Butter brings an uplifiting kick to this LOVE-ly treatment. Cupid, let your arrow fly!

A whole milk bath soak envelops you in rich and creamy goodness, as Chicory root extract aids in banishing itchiness and irritation. Then a shea butter sugar polish buffs your body to prep for an ultra-hydrating finale to restore your natural glow – a revitalizing botanical massage infused with blackcurrant extract that is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Your skin thanks you.

When you purchase the pedicure package, receive a Complimentary Farmhouse Fresh Travel Whoopie Wash and Travel Sweet Cream lotion. ($18 value) | Reserve Now

Gentlemen’s Rebalancing Facial 

A deep power cleansing customized for men’s skin care needs. This balancing facial effectively renews skin tone and texture, eliminates impurities and helps soothe and restore devitalized, sun-damaged or razor burned skin leaving it smooth and conditioned. $89

Purchase a Gentlemen’s Rebalancing Facial and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Prostate Cancer Research in November. 

Click Here To Reserve Your Facial Today!

Manicure Monday Special – 15% Off

At Complexions, we know how important it is to start your week off right. What better way to do just that than to treat yourself to a little TLC?

To help make that a little easier for you, we’re offering all of our customers the chance to receive a 15% discount off our Signature, Spa or Shellac Manicure Services booked for a Monday.

Don’t forget that moisturizing your hands, nails and cuticles is just as important during the harsh winter months as it is for the rest of your body’s skin. Let us help you prevent what can become painful drying, cracking skin with our nourishing hand treatments at a special price all season long.

A Gift that Gives All Year Long!

Did you know that Complexions offers Spa and Barber Spa Memberships for one convenient annual price? What a great idea for holiday gifts that spread joy all year long!

Our Spa Memberships ($350/year)

Enjoy Unlimited Use of:

  • Serenity Relaxation Lounge
  • Men’s and Ladies Locker Room Amenities
  • Steam Room
  • Deluge Cold Plunge
  • Sauna
  • Smoothie Bar
  • Organic Tea Bar
  • Complimentary WiFi

Additionally Receive:

  • 3 Complimentary Guest Passes
  • 10% Off Services (Excludes Med Spa Services)
  • 10% Off Retail Purchases
  • Complimentary Indoor Parking (Saratoga)

Executive Barber Spa Membership ($665/year)

Enjoy Unlimited Use of:

  • Serenity Relaxation Lounge
  • Men’s Locker Room Amenities
  • Steam Room
  • Deluge Cold Plunge

Additionally Receive:

  • 12 Executive Haircuts
  • 12 Neck Trims Between Cuts
  • 3 Traditional Hot Shaves
  • 6 Manicures
  • 3 Complimentary Guest Passes
  • 10% Off Retail Purchases

To purchase either membership conveniently online, please click here. Or stop by the spas at any time