Unwind and Refresh During Stress Awareness Month

We are celebrating Stress Awareness Month in April with these special services and products to help you Pamper with a Purpose!

Blues Be Gone Massage

Fatigue, depression, headaches, stiffff muscles, and aches all are symptoms of adrenal fatigue a condition commonly associated with intense or prolonged stress as our body tries to cope with a 24/7 lifestyle. This warming ritual massage begins with a steaming Blue Eucalyptus inhalation to enhance immunity and re-energize the mind. Next, a vigorous deep tissue massage with ginger Root oil eases muscle stiffness, unwinds emotional tension and is followed by acupressure techniques to balance the adrenal system.

Enjoy a cup of our tranquility tea in our relaxation lounge after your massage. | $95

Na Tropical Fruit & Flower Facial

With everything else in our lives, it’s nice to not stress about blemishes, but what if a facial also provided the wellness benefits of a massage? Good news, this one does! This organic facial therapy incorporates a rare blend of organic Thai botanicals and a Royal Thai Facial Massage to relax and relieve sore muscles along the shoulders, up the neck, to the face and scalp where stress manifests. Its like having a facial and massage in one. 75 minutes | $129

Lavender Hibiscus Nourishing Pedicure

A pedi experience unlike any other! This aromatic treatment begins with a calming lavender oil mineral bath soak to soften and soothe skin. Next, a natural honey-lavender sea salt scrub tackles dry skin. Finish your experience with a fresh and hydrating relaxing foot and leg massage. Our massage lotion is packed with natural oils and shea butter, providing intense softness and deep hydration. | $63

Special Offer: 10% off Naturopathic Oils and Diffusers in April.

Spa Week is a national event held twice a year where over 700 spas across North American offer at least three of their signature services for only $50. The goal of Spa Week is simple: “everyone should have an opportunity to try out top quality spa treatments at a significantly reduced cost and experience the very real benefits of Spa Therapy”.

Complexions is pleased to offer the following 3 treatments at the special $50 price point: 

  • Wei Essence Massage (50 Min) – Mandarin for “transformative action,” these soothing massages incorporate flower essences that you choose to create an immediate positive effect on your mood, state-of-mind, and well being. Based on the flower you select, specific organic oils and mists are used during the massage that will work with your body’s meridian system to enhance clarity, peace, and happiness. (Originally $95)
  • Spring Nourishing Facial (50 min) –  Our nourishing facial begins with thorough cleansing to determine your skin’s needs. A high performance herbal enzyme peel, such as Sweet Cherry, Pear Fig, or Pumpkin, targets the signs of aging followed by steaming. A specific blend of essential oils, vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory botanicals, plant based creams and a masque will be selected to correct, nourish and improve the overall skin condition leaving it protected and revitalized.  (Originally $95) 
  • Lavender Hibiscus Pedicure (50 Min) – A pedi experience unlike any other – starts with a calming lavender oil mineral bath soak to soften and soothe skin.  Next, a natural honey-lavender sea salt scrub tackles dry skin.  Finish your experience with a fresh and hydrating relaxing foot and leg massage packed with natural oils, and shea butter providing intense softness and deep hydration. (Originally $73)
  • Clear Color Glaze, Deep Conditioning Treatment and Haircut (75 Min)  – Bring your hair back to life just in time for Spring! A clear glaze gives your hair gloss and shine to enhance your color. Then, deep conditioning nourishes your hair to a luxurious look and feel. Finally, highlight your healthy locks with a fresh haircut and blowout. (Originally $93)

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Spring Pedicure Package

Are Your Feet Ready For Spring? The Spring Pedicure Package at Complexions has arrived to give your feet the nourishment and moisture they need after these long winter months. Lavender Hibiscus Nourishing Pedicure ~ March ~  hibiscusA pedi experience unlike any other – starts with a calming lavender oil mineral bath soak to soften and soothe skin.  Next, a natural honey-lavender sea salt scrub tackles dry skin.  Finish your experience with a fresh and hydrating relaxing foot and leg massage packed with natural oils, and shea butter providing intense softness and deep hydration. Strawberry Basil Honey Spritzer ~ April ~  strawberry-pedicureFirst, soak in an antioxidant-rich oil blend that quenches parched skin.  Next, vodka, watermelon and basil oils combined with grains to smooth the feet. Finally, a silky massage with “Strawberry Smash” – a strawberry fruit cell and Shea butter whip – ending with a hot towel foot wrap. Bahama Mama ~ May ~ bahama-mama-pedicureBegin with a clementine sparkling soak that envelopes the skin in antioxidant rich grape seed oil.  Next, quench the skin with a pineapple coconut shea butter sugar scrub. Top it off with our hydrating “Bahama Paste”- a vitamin rich yogurt based mask- and a mango melon shea butter massage. Total Package: $187

March is National Nutrition Month

Selected services and products featured for the month of March Hot Poultice Thai Massage Everyone enjoys the occasional relaxing massage, but studies show regular massage therapy also enhances the body’s healing capabilities. The pressure applied from a therapeutic massage helps release toxins stored in your muscle tissue. Our Hot Poultice Thai Massage incorporates an organic herbal poultice blend designed for your specific need of Detoxification, Healing, or Deep Relaxation. Acupressure opens the body’s energy channels, while the deep medicinal heat of the poultice is massaged into the muscles. The energy of this treatment is sealed with a hands-on oil massage for maximum revitalization. 105 minutes | $185 Vitamin C Brightening Facial We all feel refreshed after a facial, but did you know that regularly scheduled facials can also help maintain an overall healthier complexion? Our Vitamin C Brightening Facial brightens the complexion and reverses the effects of sun damage and premature aging by treating the skin with potent antioxidants and corrective botanical extracts. This resurfacing treatment also utilizes ultrasound and micro current for targeted results at a deeper level to revitalize and restore the skin.  | $115 Nourishing Lavender Honey Pedicure Indulging in a day of luxury is always a treat, but wholesome treatments like our Farmhouse Fresh Nourishing Pedicure can help extend the benefits of a pedicure. Beginning with a calming lavender oil mineral bath soak, we tackle tough skin without stripping away any moisture by using a vitamin-rich, natural honey-lavender sea salt scrub followed by a honey and papaya glaze. We then wrap your feet to promote deep hydration and finish this service with a relaxing leg and foot massage using natural oils and shea butter for ultimate softness. | $63 Vitamin C Revitalizing Lotion by Naturopathica Brighten and Revitalize tired, dehydrated skin with this Vitamin C Revitalizing Lotion by Naturopathica. The ultra-light daily moisturizer helps prevent visible signs of aging and improves elasticity by blending powerful antioxidants and vitamins that provide visible results. | $59 Book a service receive a free smoothie! smothieThis National Nutrition Month we will be offering complimentary Pineapple Kale Smoothies when you book a featured Pamper With A Purpose service! Complete with the zesty citrus pop of lemon and loaded with 23g of protein, this good-for-you smoothie is not only a wellness booster, but also a metabolism regulator.

Manicure Monday Special – 15% Off

At Complexions, we know how important it is to start your week off right. What better way to do just that than to treat yourself to a little TLC? To help make that a little easier for you, we’re offering all of our customers the chance to receive a 15% discount off our Signature, Spa or Shellac Manicure Services booked for a Monday. Don’t forget that moisturizing your hands, nails and cuticles is just as important during the harsh winter months as it is for the rest of your body’s skin. Let us help you prevent what can become painful drying, cracking skin with our nourishing hand treatments at a special price all season long.  

Join us for a $5.00 introductory yoga class!

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A Gift that Gives All Year Long!

Did you know that Complexions offers Spa and Barber Spa Memberships for one convenient annual price? What a great idea for holiday gifts that spread joy all year long! Our Spa Memberships ($350/year)Flower Enjoy Unlimited Use of:

      • Serenity Relaxation Lounge
      • Men’s and Ladies Locker Room Amenities
      • Steam Room
      • Deluge Cold Plunge
      • Sauna
      • Smoothie Bar
      • Organic Tea Bar
      • Complimentary WiFi

Additionally Receive:

  • 3 Complimentary Guest Passes
  • 10% Off Services (Excludes Med Spa Services)
  • 10% Off Retail Purchases
  • Complimentary Indoor Parking (Saratoga)

Executive Barber Spa Membership ($550/year) Enjoy Unlimited Use of:

  • Serenity Relaxation Lounge
  • Men’s Locker Room Amenities
  • Steam Room
  • Deluge Cold Plunge

Additionally Receive:

  • 12 Executive Haircuts
  • 12 Neck Trims Between Cuts
  • 3 Traditional Hot Shaves
  • 6 Manicures
  • 3 Complimentary Guest Passes
  • 10% Off Retail Purchases

To purchase either membership conveniently online, please click here. Or stop by the spas at any time: Albany 221 Wolf Road Albany, NY 12205 (518) 489-5231 Saratoga Springs 268 Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 (518) 306-5502

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