The New Spa Culture

For years the spa has been a woman’s ultimate getaway to relax and enjoy some well-deserved pampering. However, The International Spa Association reports in its new Consumer Snapshot that 47 percent of spa customers are now men. Guys are heading to spas alone, with a partner and even for quality time with their friends. Whether it’s a hot shave or a massage, men are going to the spa to unwind and indulge in therapeutic services.

Just as the fashion industry has evolved to become more inclusive, so too has spa culture. Today’s hardworking man appreciates and cares for his mental and physical wellbeing – it’s becoming increasingly normal for guys to book regular male spa services. As a result, beauty and wellness professionals have shifted their focus to integrate amazing products and spa services for a growing male clientele.

Popular Male Spa Services

The atmosphere and services at our spa are specifically designed for men who aren’t yet familiar with the spa culture or male spa services. Too intimidated to unwind in our Relaxation Lounge? We’ve created a Barber Spa that is your one-stop-shop for all things relaxing and stress melting. Our Barber Spa includes it’s own manicure and pedicure area that features a no-nonsense manicure and pedicure. This manicure and pedicure is designed to target nails and cuticles, and features a soothing calf-down massage. Giuseppe, our Italian master barber, offers superb hair services (including color or camouflage) for men and boys. Experience an old-world–style beard trim, head or face shave, and more at our Men’s Barber Spa with products expertly formulated for men.

Stress Reduction Catered to Him

Taking an hour for yourself makes a world of difference! Relaxation and stress reduction services like the Head & Neck Recovery session are quite popular among men at our spa. Creatives, executives, and guys who work at computers find these sessions especially therapeutic. We also offer several authentic exotic massage techniques like Himalayan Rock Salt, Hot Poultice Thai, and Ancient Sands Massages. All of our massages can also be performed in tandem for couples. We offer other male spa services that focus on the skin, like our gentlemen’s Re-Balancing Facial, body wellness treatments, and skincare enhancements.

We encourage anyone to take a trip to the spa – you certainly won’t be disappointed! Plus, spa packages and gift cards always make great gifts for any man in your life.