Get Rid Of Those Dry Cracked Feet!

Boot season and the harsh winter weather can take a huge toll on our feet causing dry cracked feet. Taking care of dry feet and toes during the winter season is crucial – cold weather, damp socks and the dramatic temperature change from indoor heating to outdoor Upstate New York weather can lead to cracked skin, fungal infections, “winter heels,” and even frostbite. Our Master Pedicurists have compiled their top tips and products to ensure your feet stay happy and healthy all winter long.

Use The Right Products

Let’s be honest, sometimes hydrating shea butter just isn’t enough for dry winter feet and cracked heels! Here at Complexions we carry a professional foot care line called Footlogix. Their line was specifically designed to address multiple foot conditions like callused skin, cracked heels, toenail fungus, and even diabetic foot care. You can shop the full line of Footlogix products directly on our website. Two of our favorite products are the Cracked Heel formula and the Very Dry Skin formula. Both are easy to use and produce results in just a few uses. Another wonderful product by Footlogix is their lightweight DD Cream, which is infused with urea and spiraleen to soothe dry skin.

Pro Tip: apply your favorite product at night (we love the Spa Ritual Salve!) and then put a pair of thick socks on. Sleeping in socks locks in the product and you’ll wake the next morning with soft, hydrated feet!

Featured Remedies

Cracked Heel Formula

Footlogix – This formula is proven to moisturize and heal extremely callused, thick, cracked skin.

Very Dry Skin Formula

Footlogix – This formula is proven to moisturize and restore very dry skin with daily use.

Cedar Salve

Spa Ritual Body Salve

Spa Ritual – Deeply hydrate and moisturize dry skin while our comforting scents awaken the senses.

Change Out Of Damp Socks

One of the biggest causes of fungus on the feet is not removing damp socks after a long day at work or hitting the slopes. The continued exposure to moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria. The same thing goes with shoes – if your shoes are still wet from shoveling snow or skiing, opt for a dry pair.

Pro Tip: if you’re enjoying the outdoors and being particularly active, carry an extra pair of socks with you.

Dry Cracked Feet Treatments

Most of us tend to slack when it comes to professional pedicures in the winter. We get it! Open toed sandals are packed away and beaches are vacant. But pedicures aren’t just for looks – they are a vital component of avoiding dry cracked feet and keeping your feet healthy. Here at Complexions, our Master Pedicurists are specifically trained to help keep your feet healthy. We have developed several pedicure options that target thick, pesky calluses, diabetic foot care, and now even dry cracked feet. Our Winter Pedicure was created specifically to add a boost of hydration, exfoliation, and TLC to your feet while you relax and unwind. For more information on this new service, call the spa today or visit our website.

Dry Cracked Feet

For the month of February only, receive a FREE callus peel for enhanced results. A $35 value.