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Winter Skin Care Do’s and Don’ts

This past Friday (January 23, 2009), I sat down with Diane Lee – co-host of FOX 23’s morning show – to discuss winter skin care do’s and don’ts. Considering how cold it’s been these past few weeks, I couldn’t ask for a more perfectly pertinent topic. :)

I think the most important piece of winter-related advice will always be the benefits of a milky cleanser with alpha hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate over a standard bar or face soap.When ever you exfoliate the dead surface cells, any hydrating ingredients applied after penetrate much more efficiently. It is like removing a blanket of dead skin and allowing  the serum to penetrate to where it is needed.  I recommend using lactic and citric acid rather than glycolic acid, especially during the winter months. Glycolic acid is a very well known alpha hydroxy acids however, it is better suited for an oilier skin type.

After exfoliating with a gentle cleanser (not soap;), I recommend using a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid, or sodium PCA to add and bind moisture  into the skin. This should be followed with the appropriate day cream which has a sun protection factor of at least a 15.

I had fun during the interview and hope to do more in the near future! I’ll leave all thoughts pertaining to my on-air performance for later this week  – if you have any questions regarding some of the ingredients or products I mentioned to Diane, by all means, let me know either by comment or email. Stay balanced :-)