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Wow, we finished up the holiday season on a high note.  Considering the state of our economy, spa services have proved to be tops on the mind as a great gift idea for the special people in our lives.  Not only does a spa gift certificate give the receiver a relaxing few hours to unwind and de-stress, but it also gives them the gift of health as well as a lasting memory.

All year in 2009 our gift certificate sales were up approximately 39%.  People gave the gift of health in a spa gift certificate all year long…We finished up this year with our December only holiday spa gift certificates up 40% over last years sales.  That is incredible to me.  Interesting to me also was that not only did we sell more certificates but the giver gave more to the receiver with the average gift certificate valued at $100.00 up from last years $95.00 average.

I think the fact that our spa has the added value of our Serenity Relaxation Lounge, Organic Tea Bar, fruit, trail mix, fresh baked cookies, Steam Room, Sauna, Shower facilities and Lockers adds to the guests experience making certificates to our facility have more value.  We also offered incentives for certificates purchased at $100. and $200. giving even more added value.

We are very pleased with our holiday season this year.  Looking forward to the new year….I plan to enhance our guest experience even more with additional amenities, take away items after their visit, improve on our customer service and the flow of their appointment.  We know where we need to improve and where we need to focus.

I’m very grateful for the year we had this year…My god how time flies.. I can’t believe we’re beginning another year in a few days……

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