Wellness For Your Hands & Feet

Hands and feet need special care.  Each of our nail treatments includes skin exfoliation, nourishing and conditioning, and polished to perfection, perfectly highlighting their beauty. Some of our nail technicians have undergone advanced training and hold a Master Pedicurist certification. Their prices do reflect a slightly higher fee.

Signature Manicure $28.00

Hands will feel soft and revived after this guest favorite, signature manicure. This treatment involves meticulous nail and cuticle care, a re-mineralization hand massage and a polished finish. | book now

Spa Manicure $38.00

In addition to our signature manicure, a unique combination of aromatherapy oils, warm salts, and therapeutic herbs, are used to soften skin, diminish dark spots, and alleviate pain, leaving your hands restored and super silky. | book now

Rejuvenating Hand Treatment $20.00

The telltale signs of aging not only include crow’s feet and gray hair, but also older looking hands.  Our rejuvenating hand treatment has just what this delicate skin needs. We will gently exfoliate dry rough skin, repair with an antioxidant rich green tea mask and lock in moisture with a hydrating massage.  The skin on your hands and forearm will have a youthful radiance.  We will finish with an application of organic sunscreen.  Can be added to any mani-kur. | book now

Escape Pedicure $56.00

Need a quick foot fix-me-up? This express treatment is designed to give guests the pedicure results they need in just 45 minutes. Guests will still experience the relaxing environment of our special massage chairs and foot soak, but will be in and out with pretty polish minus the time needed for all the extras. | book now

Spa Pedicure $63.00

De-stress yourself in our very special pedicure chairs that massage your back while your feet soak in the soothing waters of their pipe free whirlpool baths. An exfoliation revitalizes dry, calloused skin while a leg and foot massage followed with nail polish completes our signature pedi-kur. | book now

Wellness Pedicure $80.00

Our therapeutic experience is literally where medi (medical) meets Pedi (pedicure). Assisting with foot calluses, cracked skin on the heels and feet, nail fungus, and even essential foot care for diabetics, your feet will be restored to good condition through this medically based treatment. | book now

Sukapao Thai Foot Beauty Ritual $80.00

A pedi experience unlike any other – your toes & feet will be taken on a royal journey to the great far east, where this ancient soothing ritual was first conceived over one hundred years ago. A hot poultice and Thai massage is included in this amazing spa treatment for the feet and lower legs. | book now

Reflexology Pedicure $119.00

In addition to our signature Complexions pedi-kur, a soothing reflexology foot massage alleviates stress and other ailments, providing a total feeling of well-being. | book now

Paraffin Treatments $15.00 | $12.00 with any nail service

Add the ultimate in moisturizing to your mani-kur or pedi-kur. Warm layers of Vitamins A and E enriched paraffin intensely hydrate the skin and cuticles while providing therapeutic relief for aching joints. | book now

Full Nail Salon Service Menu

Service Price
Rejuvenating Hand Treatment $20.00
Backfill $10.00
Feet Wax $17.00
French Manicure $33.00
French Signature Pedi-Kur $68.00
French Polish $5.00
Full Set Acrylic (Pk/Wh) $66.00
Full Set Acrylic/Tips $53.00
Full Set Gel/Tips $53.00
Full Set Overlays $43.00
Full Set Sculptured Nails $63.00
Gentleman’s Pedi-Kur $60.00
Gentleman’s Mani-Kur $20.00
Signature Mani-Kur $28.00
Spa Mani-Kur $38.00
6 Signature Mani-Kur Package $143.00
6 Spa Pedi-Kur Package $330.00
Nail Art $5.00
Nail Fill (Acrylic) $27.00
Nail Fill (Gel) $27.00
Nail Repair $5.00
Nail Soak Off (Gel) $25.00
Paraffin (add-on) $12.00
Paraffin (stand-alone) $15.00
Escape Pedi-Kur $53.00
Spa Pedi-Kur $63.00
Pedi-Kur (Therapeutic/Sukapao) $80.00
Reflexology Pedi-Kur $102.00
Polish Change (hands or feet) $18.00
Reflexology (30min.) $51.00
Gel Manicure $38.00