Complexions’ Master Stylist Ellie joined the team in 2006 with more than 11 years of professional hair styling experience. Early in her career Ellie was a platform cutting artist for RUSK, an international hair styling company. As a nationally-recognized Certified Hair Colorist, her portfolio includes work featured in several print publications, theater and television. Ellie’s passion for hair styling is apparent to all of her clients due to her extensive knowledge of the hair and scalp, as well as her creativity. She takes the time to learn each client’s style, preferences, and individual taste to best transform their look into a style that is perfect and customized to them. Additionally, Ellie stays on top of new hair trends to accommodate clients who want the hottest fashions. As a master stylist, she is continually expanding her education by taking courses in Manhattan with Bumble & bumble, Redken, Wella, Rene Furterer and more. Her work in hair color and personalized styling techniques is an inspiration to the entire team at Complexions, and her clients admire her attention to every detail during their visit to the spa. When Ellie is not styling behind the chair she is also managing the stylist team. As the featured “Stylist of the Month,” all of Ellie’s clients will  enjoy a 20%discount on hair services between September 1st and September 30th. Call  489-5231 to schedule your appointment with Ellie!