Rituals Of Touch – Unique, Exotic & Traditional Massages

Using ancient methods of hands-on healing, Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness offers an array of unique massages and body rituals from around the world using 100% certified natural and organic ingredients that release muscular tension and restore physical and emotional well-being. All expertly trained Complexions massage therapists are New York State licensed professionals. Complexions’ wide variety of treatment options give you more variety when choosing a massage in either of our spas located in Albany and Saratoga, New York.

Relaxation Massage30-60-90-120 minutes | $60.00/$89.00/$135.00/$178.00

Based on classic European techniques, this deeply relaxing treatment helps to soothe and relax an over stressed nervous system inducing a feeling of well being. | book now

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage60-90-120 minutes | $99.00/$145.00/$184.00

A more intensive treatment custom tailored to specific areas of tension, soreness, and chronic discomfort. This curative massage includes the use of anti-inflammatory Arnica along with moist heat to help improve flexibility and mobility in the muscle using targeted deep pressure. Designed for those seeking a firmer, more therapeutic treatment. | book now

Head & Neck Recovery Massage60 minutes | $95.00

A remarkable experience that integrates an exquisite steamed organic herbal poultice with a combination of massage techniques to provide relief and recovery along your back, shoulders, neck, face, and crown, where stress manifests itself most. Feet are not forgotten; attention to them provides a storybook ending for complete health and harmony. | book now

Couples MassagePrice based on massage(s) selected

For a shared experience, in both our Albany and Saratoga locations, enjoy any of our massages, side-by-side in our private ‘Metta’ (loving kindness) couples suite. You may also enjoy use of our couples hydrotherapy tub with chromatherapy for an additional fee. | book now

Anamai, Body Reviver90 minutes | $159.00

Strengthen your body and feel empowered with this unique healing art thought to have traveled from India to Thailand 2,500 years ago. This is a combination of acupressure, gentle stretching, and oil applied to your body to release blockages and tune your energy flow. Meanwhile, warm herbal cushions filled with therapeutic ingredients are placed onto your back and neck, infusing their healing powers into your system. This treatment helps to reinforce your immune system, reduce stress, improve posture, and enhance your vitality. | book now

Hot Poultice Thai Massage105 minutes | $185.00

Drift away tensions while enjoying this unforgettable hot poultice massage. Unchanged since the 14th century, this amazing ritual incorporates one of our three indigenous organic herbal poultice blends for your specific needs (Samunprai for Detoxification, Indigo for Healing, or Kamatan for Deep Relaxation). Acupressure is used to open all the energy channels, followed by massaging the deep medicinal heat of the poultice into the muscles to release tensions and revitalize your mind. We then seal all the energy of this treatment with a hands on oil massage. Take your body on a journey of total renewal. The poultice is yours to take home for continued use. | book now

Hot Stone Therapy90 minutes | $145.00

Stones are the oldest materials on the earth and accumulate healing energy. These unique massages go beyond the physical experience of traditional massages and enter deeper dimensions of relaxation, health, and well being by incorporating the use of therapeutic river stones. The stones used are both hot and cold to stimulate the circulatory system and assist the body in self-healing. | book now

Lomi-Lomi60 minutes | $99.00

These traditional Hawaiian massages have been considered for generations to be a sacred healing art. The therapists use their hands and forearms in flowing, rhythmic movements to improve circulation, align the body, and soothe your spirit. | book now

Nuat Namman, Body Oil Ceremony60 minutes | $99.00

Experience the healing effects of Asian aromatherapy in a relaxing and restorative massage that combines the sense of tropical aromas with the soothing value of Chinese acupressure. Individually chosen to suit your personal needs, the essential oils will re-balance your vital energies, restoring harmony and calm to your body and mind. Choose from our selection of aromatherapy blends to customize your treatment. | book now

Metta, Loving Kindness Soak & Massage90 minutes | $126.00

“Metta,” a Thai word that means “loving kindness,” is a spiritual love that is practiced as a way to see the good in others and to bring serenity and good will to your conscious. Awaken the loving kindness within yourself by soaking in our Sensual Herbal Bath Tea, followed by a Relaxation Massage. Perfect for couples. | book now

Om, Harmony Soak & Massage90 minutes | $126.00

Enjoy a purifying massage to help get rid of toxins before soaking in a vitality herbal bath to recharge energy and balance body and mind. | book now

Sabai Sabai, Serenity Soak & Massage90 minutes | $126.00

Soak in a serenity herbal bath to release tensions before enjoying a relaxing massage with a blend of lemongrass and sweet orange for a total stress release experience. | book now

Pregnancy Massage60 minutes | $99.00

The prenatal pregnancy massages for women in their second or third trimester are designed to relieve specific aches and pains associated with pregnancy. We have a special table with padding that is designed to cradle baby comfortably so that mom can lay face down and release all the muscles of the body. Mother and baby both will find peace and relaxation with a massage. Albany, NY mothers love being treated to a Pregnancy Massage. | book now

Ancient Sands Therapeutic Massage60 minutes | $134.00 (Albany location only)

Awaken the senses, alleviate the body and renew the soul with this ultra-purifying massage therapy treatment. Heralded as a new concept rooted in ancient tradition, this psammo (Greek for ‘sand’) treatment is performed on our Alpha-Quartz Sand Table. Designed to bring ultimate wellness, the sand is heated as you lie on the bed that is covered with a hygienic sheet that is used to prevent the sand from sticking to the body. After you are positioned comfortably into the sand, the warmth will begin to permeate the skin for a deep and relaxing experience that removes toxins, alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, improves stiff joints and pain, and promotes relaxing comfort for the body and soul. This service can be enjoyed à la carte or can be added to any body service for an additional $45. | book now

Golf Ball Massage60 minutes | $99.00

This therapeutic massage incorporates the use of warm and cool golf balls for deep tissue manipulation of specific areas of tension, soreness, and chronic discomfort. These curative massages improve flexibility and mobility in your muscles─ sports enthusiast or not. The SPA-ball is yours to take home for continued use. | book now

Reflexology30/60 minutes | $60.00/$89.00

This natural healing technique relieves stress, promotes relaxation, increases blood circulation and helps to balance the body through stimulation of pressure points on the feet. | book now

Shiatsu60 minutes | $99.00

A therapeutic massage based on ancient oriental techniques using pressure along the energy pathways of the body to restore balance and relieve tension and stress. This is performed on the floor while wearing loose clothing. Please bring something comfortable to change into. | book now

Wei Essence Massage60 minutes | $99.00

Mandarin for “transformative action,” these soothing massages incorporate flower essences that you choose to create an immediate positive effect on your mood, state-of-mind, and well being. Based on the flower you select, specific organic oils and mists are used during the massage that will work with your body’s meridian system to enhance clarity, peace, and happiness. | book now