Upcoming Events

Day to Night Makeup

July 11 (Saratoga) + July 13 (Albany)

Come unwind with us while our makeup artist Natalie shares some of her tips and tricks on how to turn simple day makeup into a fun night time look. Enjoy a glass of wine along with a delicious charcuterie plate and enjoy a fun ladies night out at the spa!

All attendees receive a gift!  Drinks and snacks provided.

6-8pm / $50

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Human Design- The Blueprint of your Destiny – with Jarin Kenyon

July 25 (Saratoga) + July 27 (Albany)

Learn the quickest and most powerful way to create the life you truly want with ease. Highlighting the science of the mind – how your thoughts are creating your reality. This is the next step in human evolution. You will learn exactly how to do this, including through the simple act of writing. The power of manifestation.

6:30 – 8:30 pm / $45

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Sound Bowl Meditation Event

August 2 (Albany Only)

Come to this unique SOUND THERAPY MEDITATION where you will receive a beautiful Clear Quartz crystal.  Quartz is the most versatile of all stones and considered to be a stone of light, bringing heightened awareness.  We will learn more about it’s properties and how to “program” it for use.  It has been successfully proven that functions of the human body can be altered by the use of sound waves.  The calming tones of crystal singing bowls help to heal by reinstating the natural sense of balance and harmony, heal unhealthy cells and release emotional, physical and spiritual blocks.

Includes: Meditation, Energy Alignment, Quartz Crystal and light snacks.

No experience necessary.  Some gentle yoga postures and pranayama included.  Please bring a yoga mat if you have one.  Let us know if you need a chair instead of a mat or block to sit on.

7 pm – 8:30 pm / $30

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Introduction to Crystals

August 29 (Saratoga) + August 31 (Albany)

Have you ever wondered about the power of crystals and how their energy mingles with ours to create a healing platform?  Crystals are potent energetic vessels that can pave the way to change: physically, mentally and  spiritually. This class will address the value of working with crystals, teach how to benefit from their energy and how to use them to achieve positive changes in your life. This first class of a series will include a two hour hands-on workshop where you play with crystals individually and in groups, learn basic stones, including those associated with the seven chakras (the major energy centers in your body).  The class will open pathways for better understanding of the world of gemstones as healing tools. Cost: $50.00 which includes your own gemstone chakra set to take home with you.


·        Who benefits from working with crystals?

·        Why would I work with crystals?

·        How would I use Crystals?

·        How will Crystals help me?

6 pm – 8 pm / $50

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Back to School Teen Night

August 8 (Saratoga) + August 10 (Albany)

Get the school year started with a new affective skin care routine along with some new quick and easy makeup techniques for teens! Our Aesthetician Megan  will be showing the proper way to take care of your skin. Our  makeup artist Natalie will then show an easy back to school look!

All attendees receive a gift!  Mocktails and snacks provided.

6-8pm / $50

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Brows that Wow

September 19 (Saratoga) + September 21 (Albany)

Learn how to get a perfected Brow! Megan will be brow mapping and waxing while Natalie demonstrates how to use different tools and products to create perfectly defined brows!

All attendees receive a gift!  Drinks and snacks provided.

6-8pm / $50

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